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jay_pea's Journal

i play in a band. i go to college. i work hard at a gas station.
40 ounces, 946 mason, alkaline trio, art, bass, beastie boys, beavis and butthead, bethany, big lips, black, black metal, bling bling, body modification, bowling, breathing, cadillacs, camille rose garcia, camp kill yourself, carly, cellar door, chaos, chicken, chillin, colonel angus, colt 45, computers, converge, costumes, cows, creation is crucifixion, dancing, darkest hour, darkness, dimmu borgir, donnie darko, doom, dorks, drawing, dreams, driving, drugs, eating, eugene mirman, evil dolls, familia, fantomas, fear, females, friends, funny shit, geeks, genessee, getting dirty, ghosts, goblin grenade, godspeed you black emperor, graphic design, guitar, hauntings, head banging, in flames, indie rock, jet skiing, jetpack records, juxtapoz, ketchup, khanate, kittie fuck, layton avenue, lesbian porn, licking, lightning bolt, love, making movies, mangina, mark ryden, masturbation, mister rogers, mr. dressup, music, my little retard, nofx, nudity, oceania, ogdensburg, painting, pencils, philosophy, photography, pink, pizza pizza, plattsburgh, playing in mud, playing jokes, psychology, punk rock, random adventures, records, ren and stimpy, rhyming, robots, rocking out, salvation army, sangria, sarcasm, screaming, sesame street, sexualization, shows, singing, sketch comedy, snowboarding, star wars, stella, stupidity, sunn o))), sunoco, swedish metal, swimming, t-shirts, the 80's, the alphabet, the cure, the smiths, the state, things that are obvious, tim biskup, tim burton, two thousand and three, vintage, xibalba